Transcription for Testimonial 2

Speaker 1: We gave Jonathan a call and said that we had some ideas and asked what would he recommend? He came and saw us and we had a bit of a chat with him. It was an informal chat, he got a feel of what we were doing, what we were looking for and over a couple of weeks he had some options out that he thought would be suitable for us and we have just finished finalising our purchase of our first investment property.

Speaker 2: We really wanted more of a securer position for our family, for our future. So our next step was to go and purchase property but to do it by yourself is actually quite daunting.

Speaker 1: We figured if we’re going to get into it anyway we might aswell get together with someone who knows what they are doing.

Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1: I mean you see people making mistakes all the time and if you don’t have to make those mistakes then I think that’s a positive thing.

Speaker 2: It’s done by, assisted us get a real estate agent, get someone in there tenanted. Easy.

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